RINOWA INTERNATIONAL PATENT FIRM was established by three patent attorneys, Hiroyoshi KITAHARA, Yuji TADA and Satoru YAMAUCHI in July 2012. We have practical expertise for intellectual properties and better English communication skills. We believe we can provide you with good legal services in whole intellectual property field.
Meaning of RINOWA
“RI” of “RINOWA” is the same word as “RI” of BEN“RI”SHI (means Patent Attorney) in Chinese character. The Chinese character of the “RI” is used to form the words meaning “Reason”, “Principle” and “Logic” in Japanese. Additionally, “NO” of “RINOWA” means “of” and “WA” of “RINOWA” means “circle” in English. We call our patent firm “RINOWA” INTERNATIONAL PATENT FIRM because we would like to make a circle of patent attorneys valuing “Reason”, “Principle” and “Logic”. We, all of patent attorneys belonging to our firm, will keep providing our good legal services so that we can respond to “RI” that not only our clients but also our partner abroad patent attorneys believe in.
Firm Information
 Date of Establishment July 1st, 2012
 Members 4 Patent Attorneys; 1 patent engineer; 4 Secretaries (as of November 1st, 2019)
 Address Sakurabashi Yachiyo Bldg.3F 2-5-6, Umeda, Kita-ku Osaka, 5300001 JAPAN グーグルマップを見る
 Tokyo Satellite DIK Mansion Shinbashi 9F 912, 6-5-4, Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 1050004 JAPAN
 Phone # +81-6-6342-5610
 Facsimile # +81-6-6342-5611
 Email info@rinowa.jp